Peace Pledge

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I note with concern a growing trend of intolerance and an increasing use of violence within Pakistan. I note a rising disposition to bigotry, isolationism and rejection of alternative ideas and discourse – an ever-shrinking space for democratic expression and a cheapening of the value of human dignity and life. I note the urgent need to build respect that allows co-existence between people with different views and beliefs and an appreciation of democratic ideas and approaches. I note with hope and encouragement grass-roots movements that have recently risen to strive towards championing people’s rights, including the right to govern oneself through democratic means.

Much hard work and commitment is required to this end. To play my part and lend my voice to this cause, I undertake the following pledge.

I/We hereby solemnly pledge to:

Denounce and challenge acts and ideologies of violence, prejudice, and intolerance, especially in the name of any philosophy, political movement, sectarian movement, ethnic movement, nationalism, or religion;

Value, respect and protect tolerance, equality, pluralism and human rights  as fundamental components of my society, and all societies of the world;

Call for accountability of those who incite hatred and violence against any individual or group;

Uphold the democratic process and the core principles that underpin a functioning democracy, and work to strengthen the democratic system;

Support the rule of law, and accept that any act of dissent should be within the framework recognized by civil society and in line with democratic norms;

Advocate for peace within Pakistan and peaceful relations between Pakistan and the rest of the world;

Stand by the above-mentioned commitments to the best of my ability; spread these ideas amongst my family, friends and colleagues, and steadfastly work to build a democratic, tolerant, inclusive, peaceful, confident and prosperous Pakistan.

Accordingly, I sign my name and record my details below:

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