Our Work

Below is a brief summary of the main areas Khudi is involved in. As our work grows over the coming weeks and months, we'll be providing further details on individual projects here.

In the meantime, to learn more about any aspect of our work or to discuss possible collaborations or ideas for new projects, please contact us directly via email or phone. We'd love to hear from you.

  • Educate

    The first and most important step is raising awareness around key issues. For free thinking people to form opinions and to arrive at workable solutions, it’s necessary to have access to information and exposure to differing viewpoints.

    At Khudi, we produce and translate literature in English and Urdu from a wide variety of sources, providing insights into the most pressing issues facing Pakistan today.

    We also engage all forms of media, in Pakistan and abroad, to raise interest and spread awareness about our cause – you’ll often see us on TV, hear us on the radio or read about us on facebook or in the news.

  • Inspire

    A very wise friend of Khudi once said that the best way to spur people into action is to inspire them to dream. But with all that Pakistan has faced, it seems as if the ability to dream has somehow been lost among us.

    Art, in all its forms, encourages people to do just that. The strong traditions of music, film, poetry and photography that we possess in Pakistan are the best weapons we have against the darkness of extremism and intolerance.

    At Khudi, we aim to provide a platform where cultural and creative avenues can be used to address such social issues.

  • Debate

    There are several ways to solve problems or settle disputes. One is to threaten/injure/kill anyone who disagrees with you, another is to sit down over a cup of ‘chai’ to talk about the issue and arrive at a mutually agreeable solution.

    At Khudi, we tend to prefer the latter. That’s why we organize conferences and workshops around the country, inviting people from disparate backgrounds to foster a culture of healthy discussion and debate.

    Khudi also runs an inter-university campus magazine, distributed at universities across Pakistan, providing students with a chance to air their views without fear of reprisal. Through this magazine we hope to improve communication channels between the youth of various provinces, who currently have few opportunities to interact with or learn from each other.

  • Mobilize

    Although the ideas and debates are hugely important, there’s no denying that as citizens of Pakistan, we need to take practical action to improve conditions around us.

    At Khudi, we plan to organize such initiatives as often as we can.