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Pretty much everyone agrees that terrorism is unacceptable, but suicide attacks and violence against civilians are not all we should condemn. Extremist attitudes that are intolerant of difference, be they political, religious, ethnic or sectarian, don't necessarily need to be violent to be wrong. The best example of this is racism, which is wrong even when no violence is involved. In societies where extremist thought is allowed to flourish unchecked, discrimination and division become the norm. Thus, to fulfil the Quaid's vision of unity for this country, extremism of all kinds, whether violent or not, needs to be challenged.

Social Movement

Social Movement (Definition): a type of group action...large groupings of individuals and/or organisations focused on specific political or social issues, in other words, on carrying out, resisting or challenging a social change.

Democratic Culture

Democracy isn't just about voting once every 5 years, is it? If elections were the only guarantor of democracy, Adolf Hitler would be considered a democrat! After all, he was voted into power through the ballot. To ensure that the system actually works for us and that the country actually goes somewhere, a 'culture' of democracy is needed (one that we sadly have never had). That means:

- Freedom of speech, assembly and belief

- Free and fair elections

- Equality and justice for all


How many times have we heard complaints about Pakistan? The system doesn't work, the leaders are corrupt, the neighbours are bullying us, the water is running out... and so the list goes on. The reality is that complaining isn't much of a solution - each of us is responsible for making Pakistan a more respected and respectful place. It's a cause worth working for, don't you think?