Is an uprising inevitable? Or why my chawkidar yelled at me

By Saleha Riaz, a freelance journalist based in London Varying stories, in the same hues, of the difference between the haves and the have-nots in Pakistan have been repeated to me so many times by so many people that I often wonder how long before the less privileged in our society can’t take it any longer and do something drastic. Just last week, I was told about the driver who was asked to pick up a Rs 7,000 meal for a family and threw the car keys in his...



Islam vs. Islamism

By Bina Shah First Published at Bina Shah's Blog I went to an event last night where I listened to Maajid Nawaz, the co-founder of Quilliam and the founder of Khudi in Pakistan, speak about his...



A landmark development

By A Rashid In Pakistan, it has been almost blasphemous for a military leader to address India as anything other than ‘the enemy’, let alone declare in loud and clear terms the need for an improvement in relations between the two countries. This is why Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani’s recent statement, given when he accompanied President Zardari to the Gayari sector following the Siachen tragedy, is so important. The general expressed the need for peaceful...



Manmohan Singh and Zardari: A chance to forge a foundation for peace

By Ayushman Jamwal, an MA Political Communication student from Cardiff University. First published at: Whennoodlesdream Zardari’s visit to India has been cast as a major inter-state meet, where he and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh are expected to talk of...