Salaams and welcome to the Khudi website

Whether you’re a Khudi volunteer, a supporter or just an interested visitor, we hope there’s a little something here for you.

Built as a true labour of love by our team, this website is a central resource for work and the place to find out most of what you need to know 'About' khudi section. Details of all the exciting initiatives we've been involved in since our launch in 2010 - talks, workshops, conferences and campaigns - are available in the 'Events' section

The 'Issues' section highlights the topics we feel require the most urgent attention in Pakistan today - issues around which we wish to raise awareness and discuss possible action.

But perhaps the most important funtion of this website is building support for our cause, within Pakistan and around the world. So if you like what you see and share our vision for better Pakistan, find out how you can 'Get Involved'. We believe in strength in numbers - the more of us that take responsibility for the future of this country, the more likely it is that things will change.

We don't mind starting small as long as we're dreaming big.

With warm wishes,
The Khudi Team